Challenging times...




I don't normally write personal posts but when I heard that the excellent YouBabyMeMummy blog was hosting a linky I thought it would be fun to take part. For those of you as un-technologically minded as me I will explain what this entails - one blogger hosts the 'linky party' and everyone who wants to take part can then see what other people have posted on the pre-chosen theme and indulge in a bit of a blog-hop. So this theme grabbed my attention: 'Challenging yourself'. This is something I've been doing a lot of recently. In fact my comfort zone is a blurred reflection in the rear view mirror.  I've stepped out of it to promote War & Peas, my new parenting book on picky eating. Inevitably, some of that involves getting up in front of people and talking about my work. The challenge that I've decided to share  is my experience of braving it on a couple of local radio shows (the lovely BBC Radio Nottingham and BBC Radio Lincs)  to talk about my book.

My favourite thing to do is write. I'm happiest alone in a room with only a coffee and my laptop for company. When I decided to write a book (six long years ago) I thought that writing and refining it would be the hard part. So wrong. For me, that was plain sailing - fun, even. So much so, that it's taking all my will-power not to get going on the next one. Talking to my friends about my ideas, I can just about handle. Talking to families wanting help with their child's picky eating? Not a problem. It's the kind of work I've been doing for years as a counsellor.  But talking live on the radio????

Even as I sent the press release off to the BBC, I thought, What are you doing? Then when I heard back from people in various news rooms inviting me for interviews etc, I found myself agreeing enthusiastically... two seconds later I was in a cold sweat.

The first interview was with BBC Radio Lincs on the Melvyn in the Morning Show. I arrived about an hour early, was too embarrassed to go in and ended up wandering around the only part of Lincoln with NO cafes, in the rain. Once I got in, the very kind receptionist put me at my ease and the interview itself went much better than  I'd anticipated. Mostly because I was just about able to pretend it was only me and Melvyn chatting and I found that, because I'm passionate about what I do, I wasn't short of things to say.

I expected to be less nervous second time round but clearly it doesn't work that way! BBC Radio Nottingham was much bigger and more intimidating, despite the lovely people. The thing that really got me was the suddenness of it all - one minute I was having a cup of BBC coffee, the next, it was like, "right, you're on air".  You can listen to my interview here.

So that was my latest challenge - the next one is going to be even harder for me: I'm planning a series of sessions at local primary schools doing a presentation to parents about how to give children a positive relationship with food and tackle fussy eating. Standing up in front of large groups of people is something I've avoided all my life, so wish me luck!