Counselling for feeding problems

I work with children, teens and adults who struggle with food-related anxiety. I help my clients  understand and manage their reactions to food, while enabling them to gradually learn to accept new and unfamiliar foods, at a pace that works for them. As a qualified (and registered) counsellor, I understand that this process has to be managed extremely carefully and sensitively;  I strive to provide a safe and welcoming environment where my clients feel nurtured and supported. 

Therapy is not a quick fix - I see clients regularly on a weekly basis, usually for 6 to 12 weeks. It is very hands-on and my clients will, quite literally, be getting their hands dirty as we explore new foods in a playful, age-appropriate and non-threatening way. 

Who needs counselling?

In some situations, children with an extremely limited diet (often with complex medical issues) require specialist intervention to help them learn to accept new foods and manage their anxiety around eating.

If a child has a diagnosis of ARFID (also known as SED) or perhaps has an OCD or other anxiety disorder, they may experience very real and intense anxiety relating to food and eating.

Sometimes, children with ASD find eating a wide variety of foods challenging and require some professional input to help them cope with unfamiliar foods and expand their eating repertoire.

I offer  therapy to children who fall into these categories but can only take cases where a child or young person has a specific diagnosis if they are under the care of a clinician who is supportive of them undertaking  counselling.

It is especially important from a health perspective that children and young people with complex needs have their health, weight and growth monitored regularly by an appropriate health professional. I offer a limited number of appointments where your child can have a ten minute weight, growth and milestone check with a registered paediatric nurse (and former health visitor). Book one of these here.

If you are unsure whether or not your child needs therapy, I will be very happy to talk this over with you. Book a free 15 minute chat with me using this link. You may also find this blog post useful.

Teens and adults

Many people have issues around food and would like to lower their mealtime anxiety levels and enjoy a varied diet. Based at Burton Waters Clinic in Lincoln,  I work with clients struggling with obesity, eating disorders, food phobias and adult picky eating. If you would like to have a chat about how I could help you, I'd be very happy to talk over my services and your needs.

It's essential that you find the right counsellor for you; I always encourage people to 'shop around' and only commit to seeing someone  you feel you can work with. Effective counselling is based on a strong therapeutic relationship - book a discovery call (free of charge) so that you can ask me any questions you may have and get a feel for whether I am the right therapist for you. These slots book up quicky;  if you can't book a chat at a time that suits you, email me: