About War & Peas

After several people suggested that I should summarise Emotionally Aware Feeding (EAF) in a book for parents, I decided to put pen to paper and War & Peas was born. It is a quick read, explaining the theory behind EAF so that you can understand what might be underpinning your child’s eating behaviours, while also giving you practical, usable strategies to make some profound changes.

Who is it for?

War & Peas is primarily for parents of healthy children who do not have any pre-existing physical or psychological diagnoses, although there are aspects of EAF that will help any family with eating problems. 

Read War & Peas if…

  • You have a young baby or are expecting a baby, and you want to learn about how to prevent problems with food and to give your child a positive relationship with food from the word ‘go’ 

  • You or your child find mealtimes stressful and emotional

  • You know how to provide a balanced diet for your child, but they are refusing the food you offer

  • You would like to know more about the psychology of picky eating

  • You have a child who is a picky or fussy eater and you need to make some changes but don’t know how

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