Training for parents 

Solving picky eating

If you have a child who will only eat a limited range of foods, if your child gets upset at mealtimes, if you find feeding your child stressful or difficult – I can help. 

I run workshops and classes for parents of varying degrees of intensity, ranging from a couple of hours introduction to Emotionally Aware Feeding to longer courses over several weeks (usually 12 hours in total) which will teach you everything you need to know about understanding and solving your child’s picky eating. 

Taster classes

I have had so much demand for training opportunities that fit in with people's childcare and work commitments that I have started offering Solving Picky Eating taster classes on weekday evenings. 

This class is a one-off introduction to the causes of picky eating and how to improve your child's relationship with food. It runs from 6:30 - 9:00 pm and I have made it as affordable and accessible as possible, priced at only £22 / person or £40/couple.

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Make a Change 

The Make a Change Programme for parents and carers of picky eaters is open to anyone who has attended one of my taster classes. It involves three weeks of distance learning (requiring approximately an hour a week) which you can fit in around your other commitments.

You will also get a copy of my book and an individual consultation with me (at my clinic in Lincoln or via skype  or phone) where you will be able to consolidate everything you have learnt and be confident in applying it to your individual situation.

The Make a Change programme costs £95/person ( or £123 /couple )  and you will have the cost of your taster class refunded.





Weaning is a really big milestone for parents and, while it is an exciting prospect thinking about your little baby learning all about the wonderful world of food, it can also be really daunting. If you are worried about weaning or would like to know more about how to make sure weaning is a positive experience for you and your baby, I can help. 

I won’t teach you about what to feed your baby – there are lots of great classes and resources for that (I recommend Gill Rapley’s books). What I will do is give you an understanding of the psychology of feeding so that you can avoid problems that may develop into picky eating and stressful mealtimes. 

My classes are especially useful for parents who have had problems with early feeding, like issues with breast feeding, reflux or milk intolerance. This is because these kind of challenges make feeding so much more emotive and you are likely to be feeling anxious about transitioning to solids.

If you would like to be kept up to date about weaning classes near you, please keep an eye on my events calendar or drop me a line.