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“ This short book is sent from the heavens for parents of picky eaters. It is sensible, intelligent, concise and insightful and totally congruent with natural parenting approaches. Packed with really practical  information backed up with research, and with helpful chapter summaries, it is a truly user-friendly book”

Juno Magazine


“Children’s therapist, Jo Cormack, author of the new book, War and Peas, makes a compelling case to change how we feed our children, especially fussy eaters….. I read War and Peas in one weekend, and our meals improved tenfold that next week”

Baby and Me Magazine


“ I've learnt some really useful lessons from War & Peas, and would recommend it to anyone who has difficult mealtimes”

Jennifer Hatfield,  Feeding Specialist, USA 

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“If you are worried about your child’s picky eating, War & Peas has the answers you need”

Sneaky Veg Blog:

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“[War and Peas]…gives some simple techniques to help change behaviour for good. It’s not preachy or guilt-inducing – it’s helpful”

New Mumblings Blog

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“War & Peas is a unique, refreshing and well rounded resource on picky eating that I believe will assist countless families and therapists who are dealing with children who have eating challenges.”

Reader’s Reviews (posted on Amazon)

“This well written book looks at picky eating from a different angle than I have read anywhere else, yet it makes perfect sense”

“This is a fantastic book full of passages that made me go "Ahhh... That makes complete sense.” 

“Short but packed with really practical information. Really liked the summaries - key points are very clear. If like me you're also interested in theoretical background and research evidence - that's also there. Strongly recommended.”

“This book has really given me the confidence to take a new approach to feeding my daughter. I am 3 weeks in to taking the advice this book gives and already meal times are no longer unpleasant but much more enjoyable.”

“Oh this is just spot on. Clear and easy to read. It's so hard having a fussy eater and I think the issue will persist into the future, but it is no longer a battle.”

“Thank you Jo, you have made such a difference to our family.”

“War and Peas absolutely transformed supper time at our house.”

 “ I would recommend this book to any parent who dreams of peaceful meals with kids.”

“If you struggle at the table with your children, and feel like giving up. Read this book. If you stick to it, you will be pleasantly surprised at the results.”

“I thought this book was insightful and made me look at feeding my kids in a completely different way. It's about teaching life long habits for my children. It's a short book and a quick read, but every word has purpose.”

Juno Magazine review

Juno Magazine review

Baby and Me Magazine Feature

Baby and Me Magazine Feature

Prima Baby Magazine Feature

Prima Baby Magazine Feature